Primary School

At the Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Primary School we are committed to giving our children and families the best opportunities. Our School is a unique place; it has an individual identity where a child centred learning approach is combined with a rich range of learning and creative educational experiences. We are proud of our standards of behaviour and work, and are totally committed to the full development of all children by offering them the very best start to their formal education; our aim being to provide our pupils with opportunities to establish a lifelong love of learning.

We are pleased to inform parents that to reach the community in a greater way, we have drawn an affordable fee structure so that a large number of boys and girls in our community can benefit from the dual curriculum, which offers the national curriculum simultaneous with a comprehensive Islamic syllabus. The Imam Muhammad Adam Institute Primary School has made a conscious decision from the outset to maintain fees at an affordable rate for the community without compromising the quality of excellent education.

The annual fees required for the Primary School which includes the academic and Islamic studies is £1,740.00 per annum. This can also be paid in monthly instalments of £145.00 over the course of the entire year (12 months). For further details please read our fees payment procedure found below.

Click here to view our Fees Payment Procedure

In order to apply, you must contact the Institute directly and speak to someone from our admissions team. They will kindly guide you to our enrolment procedures and protocols for the application of your child.  Please find our relevant contact details on the Contact Us page.